About Us

The Arcade Bangladesh Limited is an affiliated company of Insight Bangladesh Foundation (IBF), in the aim of to build a gaming industry in Bangladesh. Which is a Non-profit organization run by a group of committed youth dedicated to excelling the educational system and autism among the children of Bangladesh. IBF is also working towards ensuring cyber safety and security.

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About Us

The Arcade Bangladesh Limited

Arcade Bangladesh Ltd. is an authorized reseller for the region of Bangladesh for Unity. Unity is a global gaming platform. So far this platform has become a place for diverse use compatibility. We are promoting Unity because we believe that Unity 3D can be a component that can be used for the development of the gaming industry.

The Arcade Bangladesh Limited believes in working towards building a strong Nation through empowering people ensuring participation of mass people in their own development and the betterment of the educational, professional and commercial system—one in which every citizen can have access to quality Training & development and resources. Quality education and skilled human resource is the backbone of a strong and developed nation and The Arcade Bangladesh Limited promises to strengthen it.

In terms of education, training and skills development, our Vision is “an informed, knowledge-based, technologically-oriented, gender equitable learning system for all, to eradicate illiteracy, the needs of educational system, its improvement and furthermore, to take education, ICT and support to the door steps of every household of Bangladesh.

The programs undertaken by The Arcade Bangladesh Limited are mainly engineered to empower and enrich civic population aiming to make a difference in the lives of individuals and community by providing programs and services of the highest quality, providing people with opportunities to learn and grow and also fostering intellectual, scientific and cultural development.